St. Valentine’s day? In Beautiful Bled Castle!

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Have a super romantic experience in Slovenia: enjoy a trip at the beautiful Bled lake, and visit its (literally) breathtaking castle, on the top of a 100-meter high mountain.

During our holiday in Slovenia, we enjoyed a trip in the beautiful village of Bled. I absolutely have to visit its castle. I have a childish adoration for medieval buildings: they have the power to fill my imagination with romantic legends of brave knights, dragons and beautiful princesses.

How to reach Bled Castle

We park near the Grand Hotel Toplice (on the side of the lake opposite to the castle), and we pay few euros for the half-day parking. We walk on the path that surrounds the lake and then, we go straight to the castle.

Built on the top of a 100-meter high mountain, it seems impossible to reach the Castle at first. We thought that there is only one way to reach the top, so we climb on the path indicated by the signs.

We find out later that the castle can also be reached by car, but the “climb” is worth for the view.

scale castello Bled

Manuel walks ahead of me, I sometimes stop to enjoy the spectacular views (I admit, also to catch my breath!). However, the path is easily walkable and we immediately get to the top.

The inside

Bled Castle, which in 2004 celebrated its 1000th anniversary, is a gem. A small cluster of buildings with some typical shops, as it should have been in ancient times!

interno castello Bled

Here we find a printing house, where there is a reconstruction of the Gutenberg printer. As a souvenir, you can buy a wonderful certificate with your name, printed on old paper, with ink and lead letters, like they use to do in the XV century.

castello Bled stamperia

Obviously, with a wax-made sealing!

castello Bled stampa

The blacksmith sells metal works of art (favorite subject: the dragon, the symbol of Slovenia). There’s even a cellar, with a funny guy in a dark robe that sells bottles of wine and liquors.

castello Bled cantina vini
There also a museum, which tells the story of the castle and of the village of Bled, a chapel and a beautiful restaurant with a gazebo and a patio overlooking the lake and the little island. A breathtaking view for those who choose this location to celebrate their wedding.

manuel bled

One of the most beautiful castle in Europe…  Need any ideas for Valentine’s Day?

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