Romantic Getaway? On Lake Bled, Slovenia

di Valentina
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Have a romantic getaway on the lake Bled in Slovenia.

No ideas for a romantic getaway? Why do not treat yourself and your loved one with a weekend on the romantic lake Bled in Slovenia?
A first look at this little touristic town, and it seems to be in a fairytale, with the beautiful lake and the surrounding area. A large swan-shaped boat and a giant heart gives me the confirmation that Bled is highly rated for weddings, because at first glance you feel to have been catapulted into a fairytale.

A reflecting pool, the little island inside, the panoramic castle which seems to fall from the high cliff…

lake bled trees

Taste a typical cake

After visiting the panoramic castle of Bled, we had a walk around the lake. The path around the lake is easy, 6 km long, and you can walk it by foot or take the touristic train, which costs about 4 euros.
We then sat outside the hotel with restaurant Vila Prešeren, named after the greatest Slovenian poet.

lake bled restaurant

The air was crisp but it was nice to stay in the external area of the restaurant, with the lake and the castle view. The waiter forgot to bring me the bread, and when paying the bill, he apologized and gave us a piece of cake for free. We had the chance to taste the typical Bled cake!

cake bled slovenia

The solid custard is covered with whipped cream, and a layer of puff pastry and powdered sugar. It was soft and creamy: very good, but maybe a little sweet for our tastes.

The island inside the lake

After lunch, take your time to visit the island that lies in the middle of the lake.

lake bled island

By one of the beautiful wooden boats, the pletna, you can get to the island to visit the Church of Santa Maria Assunta: after climbing its 99 steps, you will find the wishing bell. I love the myths and legends: according to this, Bled Castle was the home of Polissena, a wealthy widow, who was inconsolable over the death of her husband. As a relieve for her sadness, she wanted to melt a bell for the church of the island. Anyone who rings the bell, will see a wish come true…

Lake Bled in Slovenia is definitely a great place for your romantic getaway! 🙂

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