Lake Garda: Scent of Lemon in Limone

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Limone Sul Garda, Lake Garda: the lovely landscape Goethe fell in love with.

More special than the first date with someone you have just met, it is the first romantic getaway with that person.

For this reason, I am in love with Lake Garda, especially with a small village on the north east coast. It was also praised by some writings of J. W. Goethe: the famous German poet and writer was very impressed by the landscape of Limone sul Garda while he was on a boat.

Limone sul Garda panorama

No matter what season, Lake Garda has always something to offer. If you are looking for nature, tranquility, the sea atmosphere without heat and saltiness is perfect for you.

I found a special offer in April. I book 3 nights with the “all inclusive” option that the Hotel Leonardo da Vinci often offers on its website.

The town of Limone sul Garda is named after Limen, which is Latin for threshold, borderline. Most of the people and tourists associate the name to the cultivation of citrus, on which Limone sul Garda depended, along with fishing and olive oil production.
Because of its location, Limone sul Garda has always been isolated in the past, and it was only reachable by boat. The mountain seems to lay Limone sul Garda on the Lake.

If you are only passing by, you can not see the beautiful old town, reachable after a downhill walk, or after taking an inner road.
It is better not to go too close to the city center by car. Better to take the convenient bus service. If you have the car, leave it in the parking lot in via Caldogno. Right near Limone Centro bus stop, there is a path (steep, but not too much) that will take you to the city center.

Limone sul Garda centro

From the boarding area where boats depart for the west side, you can walk at north, along the lakefront named after Guglielmo Marconi.

Limone sul Garda11

The village keeps an “old-style taste”. Among the colored shops you find bars or ice cream boutiques where you can enjoy something good on a small table near the lake, if the weather is nice.

Limone sul Garda bar

The florid past of the citrus of Limone sul Garda has evidence in the beautiful Limonaia del Castèl that keeps alive an ancient tradition. It decorates the landscape with a terraced mountain full of well-ordered white pillars.

If you want to spend an hour in nature, on a panoramic terrace in the scent of lemons, limes, grapefruits, then you can not miss it!

limonaia garda

My tour of the beautiful Garda Lake continues: the next town is Malcesine and its beautiful castle!

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