The perfect hot chocolate? At La Marianna ristorante

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Is there something better than sipping a hot drink to fight the cold winter?
The Bergamaschi will tell you that if you want drink a delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream, there is a “must visit” place in Bergamo Alta, the heart of the city: La Marianna ristorante.


The place

This historic place opened in 1952 in Largo Colle Aperto number 4: at first, it was only a bar, but then it expanded with the addition of the pastry shop and the restaurant.
Among the varied menu, for a winter snack you can drink chocolate and tea of different tastes, with a side dish of delicious cookies.
Moreover, as a pastry shop, you will find: homemade traditional Italian cakes, colorful biscuits, chocolates, candies, the typical Bergamo’s dessert made of almond paste, called “polenta e osei”, and above all, the Stracciatella.


The Stracciatella

marianna ristorante stracciatella

This product, which takes its name from a Roman soup, is actually the ice cream taste that became the most famous product of La Marianna ristorante. The recipe? The owners assure that there are only simple ingredients: fresh milk and cream, egg yolk, sugar, jello and Lindt 58% dark chocolate.
Even in summer, the place is very popular among young people and tourists. In the evening, it is nice to have a cocktail and enjoy the garden in front of the bar, with the view of the Bergomense botanical garden.


The services

La Marianna ristorante offers free wifi, and if you are by car, you will find a fee-paying parking in the area, beyond the nearby S. Alessandro’s port.
During the holiday season, on the website you can pre-order the typical panettone and pandoro. Online orders are also for pastries, traditional and American cakes, with a 10% discount on the final price, at the time of withdrawal.
Find other bars of La Marianna in Borgo Santa Caterina and in the Orio al Serio Airport.

Address and contacts:
Largo Colle Aperto 4, 24129 – Bergamo
Tel. +39 035 237027
Closed on Mondays.

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