Great wines of Italy: Moscato di Scanzo

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Great wines of Italy: proud to say that one is produced in my city!

Among the hills of my native little village, Scanzorosciate, hides a small gem of Italian DOCG wines, whose origins are traced around the year 1000 b.C.
It is one of the great wines of Italy. A precious ruby red nectar, a sweet moscato, which is the result of a small 31-hectares vineyard. These regular grape rows decorate the landscape around my house. It is called Moscato di Scanzo.

colline bergamo scanzorosciate

This wine has an ancient tradition and it is recognized at the European level from the 70s. However, its popularity is growing thanks to a recurring event: in the first days of September the feast of the Moscato di Scanzo is held.
The village of Rosciate turns into a walk path with different stages: many wooden houses decorate the streets of the historic village, where visitors can taste the Moscato varieties of different indigenous manufacturers, for only 3€ each glass. In addition, the wineries along the way are open to the public.

moscato scanzo bottiglia

The Moscato di Scanzo is a meditation wine, not suitable for a meal. It’s a niche: the annual production is around 60,000/70,000 bottles. It is served at 15° degrees in large glasses. It is better to drink it alone, but you can also enjoy it with blue cheeses, pastries, or dark chocolate.

The Moscato di Scanzo consortium describes it as:
Complex smell, with the scent of plum jam, rosehip, cherry, sage and undergrowth. In the early stages of production it presents additional notes of tobacco and chocolate are amplified during aging. The taste is balanced and elegant, moderately sweet. Soft, velvety, full-bodied with an incredible persistence.

You should come and try it! And maybe take a walk along the many routes inside little towns and country roads, surrounded by green hills to discover hidden but unique landscapes. Try the Moscato di Scanzo map routes and the Val Gavarno walk route.

I’m waiting for you to try one of the great wines of Italy! 🙂

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