Why You Can’t Help to Love Lecco

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The reasons (and the views) why you can’t help to love Lecco

I have mixed feelings for this city. And who has moved for love can understand me. After years when you go back and forth, my house, his house, it comes a time when you are forced to choose. We wanted to make the big step.

piazza lecco

Lecco Lake Como is the hometown of the person I love; but despite this, I hate it because I had to (temporarily) leave my Bergamo. Yet the city of the Promessi Sposi, with its lake and the beautiful mountains, of which the Resegone is the most characteristic, is so beautiful. It’s impossible not to be enchanted by it.

como lago lecco

Lecco is the place where the events of the Promessi Sposi took place, according to the genius and the imagination of the Italian writer and poet Alessandro Manzoni.

Despite my Italian teacher drowned us with notions such as the Divine Providence, the “Bildungsroman” and historical facts on the plague, I had always one thought in my mind. To read soon the chapter in which Renzo would be back in Lucia’s arms. The Promessi Sposi were joy and pain of my third year at high school.

When Manuel once told me that these were the mountains to which Lucia gave the famous Addio (“farewell”), I could not help but to feel excited. I felt like I was in front of the home of a celebrity.

Where once was the mouth of the Bione stream in the park along the river, on the corner between via Battello and via Buozzi, there is a plaque that recalls the night when Lucia ran away from the danger of Don Rodrigo, singing her farewell to her beloved hometown.

lago montagne lecco

Lecco Lake Como

Addio, monti sorgenti dall’acque, ed elevati al cielo; cime inuguali, note a chi è cresciuto tra voi, e impresse nella sua mente, non meno che lo sia l’aspetto de’ suoi più familiari; torrenti, de’ quali distingue lo scroscio, come il suono delle voci domestiche; ville sparse e biancheggianti sul pendìo, come branchi di pecore pascenti; addio! Quanto è tristo il passo di chi, cresciuto tra voi, se ne allontana!

(Goodbye, mountains that come from water sources, and elevate into heaven; your varied summits, familiar to those who grew up among you, and impressed on our minds, as we do with the aspect of the beloved relatives; torrents, which we can distinguish according to the roar, like the sound of the voices coming from our home; scattered and glistening houses on the slope, like flocks of grazing sheep; goodbye! How sad is the pace of those who grew up with you, and has to leave you behind!)

That’s why, even just for a walk on a cold Friday afternoon, when the wind blows down from the mountains and the lake is rough and capricious, Lecco Lake Como always gives you beautiful views and stunning shots.

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