A Romantic Treasure Hunt with Prague in a Box

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Become kids again with Prague in a Box, to explore the city as a treasure hunt

Prague is considered one of the most romantic cities in Europe, and offers you many ways to experience the perfect love escape.
And this is the idea of ​​Prague in a Box: more than a tour guide, a game to play, to explore the city as in a treasure hunt, with missions to “fulfill” and prizes to be collected.

What is Prague in a Box?

Prague in a Box is designed for couples who want to visit Prague in a different way.
The girls that created this cute project know the city as their pockets, and they wanted to exclude the most popular tourist areas.
Inside the box there’s a small colorful book that draws a tour with stages, to enjoy a piece of authentic Prague, off the beaten paths.

prague box

Inside the box there are also some little packets: do not open them right away! Each package should be opened in a definite stage indicated by the guide.

Why Prague in a Box

I think that the box is perfect for those who are staying 2 or 3 days in Prague. In the first days, they can visit the most important tourist sites, and then they could relax with the walk advised by Prague in a Box, to know the real heart of the city.
No boring names lists and historic dates, but a short path and a few curious and funny anecdotes about the city.
Thanks to the pink box, for example, we found the cute Hotel U Raka. This small and intimate B&B is located in the stylish neighborhood of Novy Svet. We could not resist and stopped in its bar to have a hot drink and to rest near the fireplace.

prague romantic u raka

But my favorite stop was at the quay of the river, near an army of swans and seagulls. We gave them the dried bread crumbs contained in the box kit.

Vtlava river

The walk takes about 3-5 hours, depending on your pace, and the time you spend in the various stages. It starts at the tram stop Pohořelec, you go through (but not inside) the Prague Castle and ends in Ujezd street.
To take the walk, you should choose any day from 11:00-17:00, except Monday (you’ll see why). At the end of the walk you can have a wonderful lunch/dinner in a restaurant in the city.

How to receive Prague in a Box

The box is not shipped, but is delivered by hand only in Prague and surroundings.
The girls of Prague in a Box can also leave it at the reception of your hotel before your arrival (as we did). You’ll find the surprise in the room, ready to reveal some hidden places of the beautiful Prague!

prague in box

Are you leaving for Prague and you want to try Prague in a Box? Contact me, I have a special discount for you! 🙂

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